EL Gazette Digital Version – Grundtvig Announcement

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The reason I’m adding this now (even though it’s a free PD resource that has been around for years), is because of some news in the August edition. Page 9 announces that the funding for Erasmus+ has finally been agreed and there will be a new 7 year cycle starting from Jan 1st 2014. This means that the Grundtvig programme will continue and we (ELT teachers) will be able to access funded training. If you thought you had missed the boat for getting some of your ELT training for free – you haven’t!

To access the EL Gazette: http://www.elgazette.com/


2 thoughts on “EL Gazette Digital Version – Grundtvig Announcement

    1. You are so welcome Svetlana and welcome to my blog! Make sure you register to get it in your inbox every month. Also, keep a look out for their tables which compare MAs in TESOL around the world – they add costs, info. and reviews to help people decide if they are thinking of doing an MA. Good stuff!

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