Technical English Conference – Warsaw – Sept 4th

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Technical English conference in Warsaw online:

04 September 2013 14:00 – 18:15 (CEST)

14:00 Introduction / Welcome
14:15 Professional English from the Employer’s Perspective – Keynote Speech – Procter and Gamble, Ales Zachoval

What are the needs and expectations of the corporate world regarding the language and communication skills of their employees? To what extent is the present situation satisfactory from the employers’ perspective?

14:45 A Multidimensional Needs Analysis as an Essential Basis for Quality Training and Testing
Dorota Chromiñska / Martin Beck
Before designing a specific training course for Technical English it is necessary to carry out some form of needs analysis so as to establish a course syllabus that is of relevance for the group. The quality design of a course is a necessary starting point for the success of any language course and is dependent on the establishment of a quality assurance scheme for training and testing.

16:15 Coffee
16:45 How do you get Technical English students to C1?

Geoff Tranter
For professional and career reasons it is obviously better for students in all technical areas to achieve a proficiency level as high as possible on the CEFR scale. But if students are already “independent users” at B1/B2, how can teachers enable them to progress further? This workshop will look at a range of materials and activities that support teachers in this aim.

Organised by the Technical University Warsaw and MONDIALE-Testing (supported by Procter&Gamble and BEST).


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