Free handout – Corona find someone who activity

Here is a free low-tech handout I made for teaching online in these difficult times. It works well to get students talking (can be used with most levels, one-to-ones and groups). Click here to download the Word version: Corona_Find_Someone_Who_Jennie_Wright A few tips on using the handout: If you have a rubbish internet connection, email the […]


15% off ebook ‘Experimental Practice in ELT: Walk on the wild side’ until May 5

As it’s IATEFL week, we are giving you 15% off our ebook (which makes it only $5.53).    Follow the steps below to claim your discount:  1.       Go to and register for free 2.       Go to the book 3.       Click Add to cart 4.       Enter the following code: FB43U 5.       Click Checkout. You can download the book in a variety of formats […]

Conference Tips for New Presenters

Before every conference presentation, this is my (some would say slightly neurotic) list of must haves / to dos: 1. enough handouts for participants plus 5 more (if people miss your session but ask about it, you can give them a handout) 2. business cards – at least 30 for some weird reason 3. your […]