Conference Tips for New Presenters

Before every conference presentation, this is my (some would say slightly neurotic) list of must haves / to dos: 1. enough handouts for participants plus 5 more (if people miss your session but ask about it, you can give them a handout) 2. business cards – at least 30 for some weird reason 3. your […]

English podcasts for software engineers

My students have given me a list of their favourite free podcasts to listen to. Feel free to share if you teach sw engineers too. Note: Always listen first before you recommend! software engineering radio security now podcast NASA   career advice, soft skills for programmers   good for new software engineers […]

OUP Webinar – Psychology of language learning 17/18 April

Some good upcoming events from OUP next month. This one looks interesting: Minds matter: Psychology of language learning with Sarah Mercer Here’s the blurb:  ‘It’s all in the mind!’ – How true when it comes to learning a foreign language. In this talk, we explore some of the key concepts in psychology and consider what […]