Podcasts for Advanced learners – Freaks and Geeks

As a proud geek, teaching lots of proud geeks, these podcasts hit the mark with my learners. These can also be used with advanced older teens as there’s not too much adult content (disclaimer: always listen first please). 1: One of my favourite Gimlet Media podcasts – Surprisingly Awesome – makes everything super cool. Cement, glue, […]

Podcasts for Advanced Learners – Social Justice

As a massive fan of the Serial podcast – I used this to inspire my advanced learners to start listening to authentic podcasts on their own. Here are three social justice podcasts that are based around Serial and can be recommended to advanced adult learners. If you recommend these, recommend they try them in this order and they […]

Podcasts for Advanced Learners – Politics

In the run-up to presenting my podcast project at BESIG, I’d like to share some of my students’ favourite podcasts – all authentic and perfect for advanced learners wanting some authentic podcasts to follow. This mini post covers the two most popular political podcasts that really hit the mark for my learners: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/business/presidential-podcast/ Great fun – the […]