My Blog Vows

Recently, I’ve been reading about Lars Von trier’s vows of chastity which inspired Scott Thornbury’s Dogme ELT movement and his own vows of chasity to teach in a more ‘unplugged’ way. Based on these ideas, I thought I would add my own blog vows here – let me know if I’m not sticking to my vows.

I vow to…

1. Post at least once a week
2. Keep posts short, useful and relevant
3. Focus primarily on professional development resources
4. Make sure 100% of my PD recommendations are free
5. Not make the blog all about me


2 thoughts on “My Blog Vows

  1. Hi Jennie,
    In trying to clean up my paper piles, I came upon some interesting material on speech analysis (and your business card) that you kindly gave to me when I rushed in – alas – AFTER your presentation at IATFL in Liverpool (a year ago!)

    I am an independent instructor and copy editor who teaches a course in Effective Speaking for PhD students at Danish universities and I believe this resource could be useful for them, but I am unable to find anything about it either here or on the Target website. Could you help me?

    I was also interested to read about the Grundtvig programme which I understand is now an Erasmus programme. I will be looking into that. As you probably know, G is a big name in DK, as he informed our teaching philosophies immensely.

    Best wishes

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