Podcasts for Advanced Learners – Social Justice

As a massive fan of the Serial podcast – I used this to inspire my advanced learners to start listening to authentic podcasts on their own. Here are three social justice podcasts that are based around Serial and can be recommended to advanced adult learners. If you recommend these, recommend they try them in this order and they start at episode one! Note – for adults only!

1. Season one and two of Serial can be found here:


2. Serial spin-off with legal experts that explain legal matters simply (very good for legal English students and those who like to solve puzzles). This spin-off goes into more legal details of the Serial case and includes information about the American legal system.


3. Truth and Justice with Bob ruff. Hardcore and passionate but learners who are ‘against the system’ will love this guy. He’s one of the guys and is plain speaking. Good for learners who want to listen to fast-talking Americans. The most interesting episodes are when he talks to the FBI. More recently he’s on a really complicated case, which is less interesting,so make sure learners start at the beginning.


If you don’t know about Serial – listen – you’ll love it. Based on this podcast, some of my learners have gone on to listen to hundreds of hours of English in their own time. Win!


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