About me

I’m a teacher, teacher-trainer, author and blogger based in Germany. I’ve taught in Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany and the UK, and currently work as an in-house InCorporate EFL trainer where I’m embedded with 100 German software engineers. Co-author of “Experimental Practice in ELT: Walk on the wild side” written with Christina Rebuffet-Broadus and published by the round (www.the-round.com).

I have my CERT, DELTA and an MA in TESOL and have been teaching and training for nearly 17 years. I started in Tokyo when I was 21 and have never looked back! I’m also a Professor in Kimono. I’ve run CertTESOL training centres in both London and Rome, but now I’m teaching as I like to get back into the classroom after each training stint.

I write articles and present for ELT associations and at conferences and want to share a little more. My primary goal is to let everyone know what professional development resources are out there for TEFLers. And primarily, which PD resources are free!

When not teaching, I enjoy experimenting with speech visualisation technology to improve my students’ pronunciation. And when I’m not doing that, I like biking around, listening to talk radio and juicing!

Enjoy my blog – follow me or leave a comment if you wish – but above all, I hope it inspires you!

Also, here are some links if you want to know more about me and what I’ve been doing:

Video with my co-author by Vicki Hollett:

Author bio from the round:

Author page on Amazon.com:

LinkedIn profile:


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