Podcasts for Advanced Learners – Politics

In the run-up to presenting my podcast project at BESIG, I’d like to share some of my students’ favourite podcasts – all authentic and perfect for advanced learners wanting some authentic podcasts to follow. This mini post covers the two most popular political podcasts that really hit the mark for my learners:


Great fun – the speakers are not too fast and it’s really interesting. The Bill Clinton episode was released Oct 16th. This one is best for adult learners.


Updated regularly, not too biased and a good roundup of political info. The speakers are male and female so it’s  easier to follow for many of my learners. They can get a little fast so remind your learners that they can slow down the speed if necessary.

Please share any podcasts you’re using with your learners for the American election.More podcast recommendations to follow over the next two weeks.


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