What’s stopping you? A project for learners

I ran this project last year with my  students and thought I would share the results here with you.

The main goal of the project was to get learners to work together to brainstorm responses and solutions to one main question: What’s stopping you from participating effectively, productively, efficiently and actively in English at work? This project ran last year and resulted in two mind maps with their contributions: a set of problems and their solutions to the problems. The mind maps below are a result of my students’ work. Feel free to try this out with your learners (handout below) to see what’s stopping them from contributing in English at work. Make sure you take the time to let them brainstorm and discuss problems and then work together to find SMART solutions which can be implemented easily at work.

Note: This project is ideal for learners having problems participating in English discussions at work. The project can be carried out with one group, but works well with multiple groups to crowd source solutions and share the workload. The mind map examples given here are a compilation of seven groups’ contributions. Also, many thanks to Target Training http://www.targettraining.eu/ for letting me share these materials with you. See their blog for great business English posts (http://www.targettraining.eu/blog/) and free ebooks on meetings, presentations and other BE topics.

Learner Handout

What’s stopping you

Problems and solutions