Free ELT Lectures from The New School

Now that IATEFL is nearly here and everyone is in CPD mode, you may be thinking about doing an MA in TESOL. If you’re not sure, but have a thirst for some academic lectures, check out some of the free lectures from The New School on YouTube. With amazing lecturers, including Scott Thornbury, these videos […]

How to survive IATEFL! Quick & Dirty Tips!

Some quick and dirty tips for those attending or presenting at IATEFL – feel free to add your own! 1. NEVER EVER tell your audience you don’t have enough time! 2. Know that you are going to forget the people who give you their business card – write something on the card to remind you […]

TESOL Convention 2014 – Live Sessions – March 26th / 27th

Sessions from the TESOL 2014 Convention English as A Powerful Instrument of Community Building in East Asia by Surin Pitsuwan Wednesday, 26 March 2014, 5:30 pm–7 pm (Pacific Time) Click here to access the live stream: Five Megatrends Shaping the Future of TESOL by David Graddol Thursday, 27 March 2014, 8 am–9 am (Pacific […]

Oxford University Press – Free Webinars March

Lots of free webinars coming at you from OUP this month. Each session is done twice just in case you have scheduling problems. Here are a few I wanted to mention: 1. Teaching Students with attention, concentration and hyperactivity difficulties by Marie Delane – March 11th and 14th 2. Pronunciation and the 5 M’s by […] – free resources

This is a great site for teachers looking for free lesson content and tasks to use in the classroom. It was started and run by Lucia Keijzer whose main job is to prepare children for university, but the content can be used for all types of learners. Most of the tasks are based around authentic […]