Podcasts for students interested in Agile and Scrum

Note: Don’t forget to listen before you recommend to students!


Podcast Title Description
Agile for Humans A weekly podcast dedicated to the individuals and interactions that make agile work. My goal is to help you create safe and collaborative working environments where people are empowered to do their best work.
The Agile Coffee Podcast AgileCoffee brings together an engaged group of practitioners passionate about Agile methodologies and Lean practices. Our format mimics the Lean Coffee model of structured, agenda-free meetings where agilists (or curious bystanders) come together to exchange ideas.
This Agile Life Agile software development is a mix of best practices and philosophical tenants. But there is a big difference between the ideal situations and what developers face in the real world. This Agile Life talks with some of the best in the business about the challenges of software engineering and how real world solutions can bring the promise of Agile methodologies to your software projects.
The Agile Revolution Join Craig Smith, Tony Ponton and Renee Troughton on a journey through the world of Agile as they look at recent blogs related to Agile, investigate practices and techniques, look at tools and answer your questions as well as talk to creative minds in the Agile community. The revolutionists focus on not just Agile as it relates to software development but also how it applies to business, transition, culture, people and a whole lot more!
Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast: The Agile and Lean podcast that gives you tips and tricks to improve your craft as a Scrum Master. Listen to daily doses of inspiring conversations with Scrum Masters from the all over the world. Join Vasco Duarte as he interviews guests to get you the latest and best tips on how to be an effective, and impactful Scrum Master.
Agile in 3 Minutes The simplest podcast that could possibly work.
Agile Answers Actionable advice about the Scrum framework, agile software development, and agile management. Not content with doling out hypothetical advice from an ivory tower, Adam takes calls from real people struggling with real-world problems. Using his years of experience, he provides concise, step-by-step instructions that give you new tools to conquer your challenges.

SOURCE: https://simpleprogrammer.com/ultimate-list-developer-podcasts/#a1


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