Tips for using podcasts in the classroom

1.Reduce podcast speed if necessary

This is easily done on even the most basic mp3 player. If you reduce anything to 50%, the person sounds ill or drunk so I recommend around 60-75% to maintain authenticity.

2.Download transcripts when available

Fans tend to transcribe popular podcasts – often on Reddit.

3.Explore spinoff media (articles, forums, etc.)

Sometimes the spinoff is better than the original. However, it is often less polished so the quality of recording can be less than perfect and harder for your learners to follow.

4.Follow “best podcast” lists

Simply type in to Google something like “best business podcasts 2016” and then try   them out. Specifically at the end and start of the year. BUT – make sure you listen before you recommend and check links are working.

5.Find “fan podcasts” relating to learner interests

It’s always better to get your learners to choose podcasts themselves if possible. If your learners need help finding a podcast, knowing their interests can point you in the right direction. If they love coding in Python, find a fan podcast for those who also love it.

6.Listen to your learners’ podcasts – not just ‘about’ it

This should really be the first tip. If your learner tells you they are listening to a podcast, go and listen to it yourself. It offers you an insight into your learner which helps you design and tailor materials to their interests.


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