8th Virtual Round Table Web Conference 6-8 May 2016

The Virtual Round Table is an annual free web conference for language educators on language learning technologies.

It’s a 3-day program with symposiums, presentations, workshops, networking events and app swap sessions.

Click here to see more info and to sign up! See you there!


Here is the program of events:

Friday, 6 May (European time zone friendly)

10:30am GMT Welcome address

12pm GMT Social Media Symposium with Marisa Constantinides

2pm GMT Games Symposium with Ed Russel and Nora Choperena

5pm GMT Online Corpus Symposium with Leo Selivan

7pm GMT ELTons Symposium with Sirin Soyoz and Waleed

Saturday, 7 May (American timezone friendly)

1pm GMT MOOC Symposium with Anna Rolinska

3pm GMT Video Symposium with Russell Stannard

5pm GMT Digital publishing symposium with Randi Harlev

7pm GMT Telecollaboration symposium with Theresa McKinnon

10pm GMT Immersive Worlds Symposium with Helena Galani and Ann Nowak

12am Keynote Dr. Cynthia Calogne

Sunday, 8 May (Asian timezone friendly)

9am Keynote Joe Dale

2pm EVO Symposium with Vance Stevens

4pm Techno-CLIL Symposium with Letizia Cignanotto

6pm KEYNOTE Nik Peachey


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