Choosing your Words Carefully – OUP Webinar 25th March

Choosing your Words Carefully

Why should we teach some vocabulary first and how does this hasten learning?  March 25th with Caroline Krantz

Note: the session will happen twice – am and pm – so you can choose when to attend!


How many words do learners need in order to operate effectively in English? How do we decide which words to prioritize, and in what order to teach them? How does the careful grading of vocabulary in a text aid learning? Which tools can help us achieve this?

In this webinar, Caroline Krantz, co-author of Navigate, a new course for adults, will explore these questions and offer some insight into how the course has been underpinned by careful attention to the selection of words, to ensure learners get the words they need to maximize their progress in English, and to communicate effectively in the world today.

Click here for info and to register:,37M15,EORALY,BHYLW,1&cc=global&selLanguage=en


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