The Fair List – 1st webinar – not just for ladies!

The Fair List is to run its first ever webinar on ‘Preparing for your first keynote talk or plenary’ on September 13th 2014 at 15.00 BST.

The Fair List encourages gender balance among speakers at EFL/ELT events (at the moment, only in the UK) – click here for more info:

Here’s the blurb:

All are welcome to attend and it is especially aimed at women who are thinking about dipping their toes in these waters for the first time.

The speakers will be Susan Barduhn and Simon Greenall.

Susan is a Professor at SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont , USA and a Past President and current International Ambassador for IATEFL. She has been honored to give plenaries in 17countries.

Simon has been a textbook writer for more years than he cares to admit. Giving plenaries has been an essential but often challenging requirement of the day job.

All those attending the webinar will have the opportunity to put in a proposal for a webinar of their own to Cambridge English Teacher (CET). If their proposal is selected they will have the chance to do their first plenary via an audio-only webinar with help from a supportive CET moderator. Thus a great place to start!



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