How to survive IATEFL! Quick & Dirty Tips!

Some quick and dirty tips for those attending or presenting at IATEFL – feel free to add your own!

1. NEVER EVER tell your audience you don’t have enough time!
2. Know that you are going to forget the people who give you their business card – write something on the card to remind you who it was and why you have it, or why you should contact them – or why you should throw it away!
3. This year try NOT giving people your card, instead ask them if you can send them something really cool and take their email address. Much easier.
4. Don’t take everything that’s free – do you really need that mug or will you leave it in your hotel room?
5. This year, I’m using qr codes. If someone wants to see my blog, book, etc. they can scan the qr code on my ipad – fast, easy and they have immediate access. Free and funky qr codes in seconds from:
6. If it’s called a workshop – make sure it’s a workshop! No excuses!
7. If you’re selling something, make sure the audience knows – we don’t mind – as long as we can take something away from the session that is free and useful.
8. Go to the “how to” sessions if you are a newbie to conferences (or if you’re not – I still do)- they are great, worth it and even though they start at crazy o’clock – very useful.
9. But if you think getting up early for the “how to” sessions is stupid – watch the ones from last year in the comfort of your home instead. Click here and scroll down to open the free “how to” webinars from 2013:
10. Meet your TEFL icons. The conference is full of cool people – lots of ELT authors and people you’d like to meet. Don’t be afraid – go and say hello! They don’t bite, in fact they are always lovely!


One thought on “How to survive IATEFL! Quick & Dirty Tips!

  1. You definitely acheived no.6 – yours was by far the most fun session I went to all week 🙂
    Great to finally meet you in person – hope you had a good trip back.

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