BELTA Online Webinars – The Belgian English Language Teachers Association

Every month, BELTA (The Belgian English Language Teachers Association) brings you free presentations and webinars from around the world.

The next webinar is March 9th (16:00 CET) – Corpora in the English Classroom – with Johan Strobbe

Webinar description:

Corpus data can bring (back) the linguistic reality into the classroom. Corpora can make sure that what we teach is reflective of ‘real language in use’. In addition they can promote learner autonomy and data driven learning. In this webinar we will explain what a corpus is and how corpora can help us to determine the frequency of words (and thus the difficulty of a text). We will tell you which corpora you can use, briefly explain the syntax and show how you can use corpus data, concordances and collocations in the classroom. Hopefully we will still have time for some D.I.Y!

Click here to access the webinar:

Also the lovely people at BELTA give you free access to previous webinar recordings – even if you’re not a member! How lovely!

A Year of Sundays with BELTA


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