What I’ve learnt one year on

This month I have an anniversary – one year of blogging, one year of presenting, one year of writing articles, and a year writing a book. After 44 posts, 7 presentations, numerous articles and a book about to be sent to the editor, I have come to the following conclusions which I’d like to share.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Nothing personal but I don’t really like social media. It has taken up so much of my life and it needs constant nurturing. A bit like a child. So if I can maintain a blog, keep my linkedin and xing profile updated – and even finally add something to my aboutme page, you can too.

A presentation to do / have list.

Before every presentation or setting off to your conference, always do or have the following:

1. enough handouts for participants plus 5 more
2. business cards – at least 30 for some weird reason
3. your presentation online (sent to yourself), plus 2 versions on 2 USB sticks
4. a Word document of your slides and notes to keep with you to practice – you can make these easily with Power Point.
5. A back up and another backup – what happens if your slides don’t work? what happens if there are not enough people for tasks? what happens if someone disagrees with you? what happens if you rush or fall behind? Think about it before it happens
6. a small mirror, a travel toothbrush set, mints, tissues to carry with you during the conference for obvious reasons
7. make sure your contact details are on your handouts, slides, etc.

And for the presentation itself:

1. if possible, attach your business card to the handouts
2. never tell people you are running behind / don’t have enough time / skipping a bunch of stuff – the audience hates it
3. never show any doubt, only express absolute confidence in what you are saying
4. if you are being videoed, when people ask a question, repeat it so that the online audience can hear it – you are the only one with a mike

Now I’m going to celebrate by publishing this, and then I better go and prepare for my next two conferences. Maybe see you at besig in Prague?


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