BESIG Weekend Workshops Online

The lovely IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group (BESIG) provide a monthly workshop for free for those interested in developing their business English teaching. On the day, you can access the workshop for free without being an IATEFL BESIG member. Afterwards, you need membership to gain access to the recordings of the workshops.

The workshops are usually the first Sunday of every month at around 4pm CET.

Last Sunday Gabrielle Jones talked about the importance of small talk – reminding us how essential is it. A few gems from the session were:

1. Think strategically about small talk – be more explicit about small talk strategies with your learners in class
2. Give students the opportunity to practise turn taking, active listening, gestures and noises to show they are interested
3. Make sure you show them how to respond with sample answers (even if you have just given them some personal information and they have not responded – don’t get offended, show them how to respond to your news – Teacher: “My cat died” Student: “…” Teacher: “When you hear information like this, you could say…” )
4. Make sure you give them phrases to close the small talk and move towards the main topic of conversation


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