IATEFL – Marjorie Rosenberg – NLP in ELT

Although there are a lot of ideas about NLP (thanks to the mentalist mostly), NLP within education is very different. Marjorie Rosenberg took us through the basics of NLP and then got us to carry out an excellent task which can be used in the BE classroom to build rapport, get your learners thinking about other cultures, and consider different points of view.

This task also nicely fits into sessions on soft skills – specifically for negotiation practice or simulating a business meeting.

There are three roles for the ppts to take on – the dreamer, the realist and the critic. The dreamer has a dream without limitations. The realist focuses on the practicalities of getting the dream realised in some form. The critic is the spoiler that considers all the things that can go wrong.

1. Get your learners to choose one role each – or you choose who takes which role.

2. Either give them a dream or work through or elicit a dream / goal / ambition from one of your participants.

3. Get the dreamer to start by defining the dream they want to achieve in as much detail as possible – the realist and the critic just listen at this point. The dreamer sits in one position (note down where they are sitting)

4. Ask the realist and the critic to direct questions to the dreamer whilst staying in their role – the realist focuses on pointing out and asking about the practicalities of the dream; the critic focuses on the problems and the what ifs.

5. As your participants evaluate the dream, the realities and the possible problems, you can also make the dreamer move to different places in the room (or around the table) to physically move into that critic or realist space so that the dream space is not affected. Make sure everyone stays in their role but get the dreamer to move back and forth to work through their dream to make a plan to make it possible.

This was great to get everyone working through a problem and solve it together considering different aspects of a problem. This is similar to a focused SWOT analysis that puts people into different roles to force them to consider other points of view – very useful if you have some severe critics in your class which are having intercultural issues.

If you want to try out the task or need more info and you are in Stuttgart in April – Marjorie is doing a full day of NLP with ELTAS.


2 thoughts on “IATEFL – Marjorie Rosenberg – NLP in ELT

  1. Sounds like a nice activity that is quick to set-up and run, yet could lead/continue into many constructive directions… Thanks!

  2. Glad you liked it! I asked Marjorie how she balances ideas of NLP with approaches in ELT and she gave me two books to check out which bridge that gap. Here they are:

    1. Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt by Michael Grinder
    2. In your hands, NLP in ELT by Jane Revell & Susan Norman

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