Reporting from IATEFL – Day One – Pre Conference Event – BESIG (Business English Group)

There were four sessions in total today – all videoed – so jump online and have a gander at the sessions.

Clare Hart – Tech tools for the 21st century business English teacher

Clare busted some myths and preconceptions regarding the use of tech in the classroom and gave some lovely tips to take away. Here are my favourites from the session.

1. A simple ice-breaker: show your students a picture you took with your smartphone at the weekend. Get them to ask you questions about the picture. Afterwards, encourage the students to show a photo they have on their smartphone and exchange info with the rest of the group. Simple and quick for a warmer.

2. Ask your learners to photograph different brands they see (at work, during the week, at their home – your choice). Take some photos of your own. Use the photos as a stimulus to: describe the brands / access the brand’s website and research the brand for a presentation / choose a brand, access the company reports and describe the company’s current trends / go online and access the brand’s key people, and if they have a facebook page or a twitter account, get the learners to follow that person for a week and then report back to the group.

3. Use to download videos if you don’t have access to the internet in your classroom

4. Use to organise your to do lists and tasks – helps make teachers more efficient!

5. Use Grindstone – a time tracking app for those of you who really need to see how much time you are taking to prep that class

6. Use Pamela for Skype – a free and easy way to make quick podcasts for your learners

More to come later…


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