EVO update – becoming a bit more of a webhead

So far, it’s been great. I have to admit that I’ve fallen behind but it’s an amazing feat to get so many people involved every year for this.

The best thing so far has been the tools session where I learnt how to use eyejot, (a video email tool). I’m going to get my leaners to use it when they have to go off-site and fix something to give me video updates while they are away.  It’s easy, free and even I can use it.

If you are feeling jealous that I can now use this cool tool – go on to Russell Stannard’s website and watch the intructional video: http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/eyejot/index.html



One thought on “EVO update – becoming a bit more of a webhead

  1. Brother Joel,That is a great statement and one that I can live with. There is one area that I want to press, not because I believe it is an errant one, but just to be precise.Would you feel it is okay to place one as a Trustee in any of our agencies that holds to the kind of doctrine being ascribed to on Wednesday’s TBN broadcast. (Of course we are speaking about the doctrine ascribed to by the other panelist, but we have stated that Brother Dwight does not hoss.)Bledlings,Tim

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